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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Monday, June 09, 2008

20080608 Doug Ross reveals that the Official Obama blog explains how the Jewish Lobby Works

Obama web site on “How the Jewish Lobby Works.”

June 8th, 2008 - Doug Ross reveals that the Official Obama blog explains how the Jewish Lobby Works

On Sunday morning, June 8, 2008, Doug Ross posted: “Official Obama blog explains how the Jewish Lobby Works

“Now that's change we can believe in!

Update: Lest one think this is some sort of anomaly, the Obama campaign blogs of Dewan Karim

("In collaboration with the Clintons, they [the Jewish Lobby] dispatched a number of "candidacy assassinators" including former Clinton special counsel, Lanny Davis, Florida congress woman, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, California congress man, Brad Sherman, CNN news anchor, Wolf Blitzer [vis-a-vis Lou Dobbs], Independent Senator, Joseph Lieberman, the far right crippled Washington Post Journalist, Charles Krauthammer and others to torpedo Obama's nomination bid.")

and Elaine Kelley

("Senator Obama is for real change or just business as usual. I'd like to know why Sen. Obama started to speak the truth about Palestine/Israel, then did a 90-degree right turn. I want to believe he stands for change we can believe in. But can anyone run for high office in this country without being raked over by AIPAC?") are sufficient evidence otherwise.

Update: Fausta has a good summary of this and other controversial posts hosted by the brilliant, uber-Internet-savvy Obama campaign (via Larwyn).

Linked by: LGF, Gateway Pundit, Protein Wisdom, American Thinker, Atlas, Carl in Jerusalem, and Memeorandum. Thanks!

Little Green Footballs picked up the story by 10:13 AM: “Searching Obama's Site for 'Jewish Lobby'

“A search of the official site for “Jewish Lobby” reveals an enormous amount of antisemitic hatred being posted. This is really shocking stuff, and shows beyond any doubt that this is no fluke.”

By 5:22 PM “Israel Matzav” picked it up and posted “Obama explains how the 'Jewish lobby' works,” which is where I found it…

“Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama's official web site has provided seemingly unlimited blogging space for anti-Semites of every race, color and creed to spit their venom about Israel and Jews. Doug Ross has discovered yet another blog on Obama's official web site that explains how the 'Jewish lobby' works. The blog has been around since at least April.”

Stop The ACLU” picked it up from the “Israel Matzav” site later and posted: “Obama Site Scrubbed of Anti-Jewish Stuff

Newsbusters: Will the media ignore this? Absolutely.

Doug Ross, Protein Wisdom, Rezko Watch, Powerline, Atlas Shrugs, Rhymes With Right, LGF, Michelle Malkin, Macsmind, and Hot Air have details and screenshots.

Original report from Israel Matzav.


No wonder he was endorsed by Hamas!

{A commenter on “Obama Site Scrubbed of Anti-Jewish Stuff,” Angie noted on June 8th, 2008 10:52 pm - PS: The Google cache on this is still available:}

An excerpt from the “Post from Socialists for Obama”

… read before it was deleted:

NO LOBBY IS FEARED MORE or catered to by politicians than the Jewish Lobby. If a politician does not play ball with the Jewish Lobby, he will not get elected, or re-elected, and he will either be smeared or ignored by the Jewish-owned major media.

All Jewish lobbies and organizations are interconnected and there are hundreds upon hundreds of them. The leaders of the numerous Jewish Lobby Groups go to the same synagogues, country clubs, and share the same Jewish investment bankers. And this inter-connectedness extends to the Jews who run the Federal Reserve Bank, US Homeland Security, and the US State Department.

In other words, “Jews stick together.” Americans must know how extremely powerful the Jewish Lobby is and how it operates to undermine America’s interests both at home and abroad. At home - by corrupting America’s political system, and abroad - by dictating American Foreign Policy against America’s best interests.


My initial reaction was that the post in question, “How the jewish[sic] lobby works,” was found on the community, user-generated page of the presumptive Democrat presidential candidate’s site and that policing a national site must be difficult.

That because the post appears on his site in the “Community Blog” section may represent the views of Senator Obama supporters, it certainly doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the Democrat candidate.

As I have said before, as much as questions continue about the fact that the Senator sat in the pews for twenty years, it does not necessarily mean that he agreed with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

However, this revelation is yet another paper cut in shark-infested waters as concern grows about his approach to foreign policy, national security matters, and his positions on supporting Israel.

All this said, perhaps, Little Green Footballs was reading my mind, when it wrote:

“By the way, it is absolutely no excuse to say that “anyone can post a blog there.” Barack Obama isn’t running a Blogspot blog, he’s running for president of the United States, and his official web site is full of hatred and antisemitism.”

Folks – it is going to be a long summer…

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