Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist

Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Md Troopers Assoc #20 & Westminster Md Fire Dept Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ann Coulter: Glenn Beck Vs. The Mob - HUMAN EVENTS

Glenn Beck Vs. The Mob - HUMAN EVENTS

Glenn Beck Vs. The Mob


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Woman accused of robbing bank in nun habit -

Woman accused of robbing bank in nun habit -


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Explore Carroll: Municipal league convention is hot spot for meeting, and training, Carroll officials

Explore Carroll: Municipal league convention is hot spot for meeting, and training, Carroll officials

A seagull chattered away in the parking lot of the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City (Md.) as, indoors, hundreds of elected officials gathered for the Maryland Municipal League annual meeting, June 26-29.

Just inside, in the front lobby, Taneytown Mayor Jim McCarron and city administrator Henry Heine; Union Bridge Mayor Perry Jones; Hampstead Mayor Chris Nevin; and Westminster Mayor Kevin Utz and Councilmember Dennis Frazier gathered to compare notes after attending a roundtable forum with state cabinet secretaries.

This year the MML, which represents 157 Maryland cities and towns, is celebrating its 75th anniversary and its annual meeting focused on classes, workshops, lectures, roundtable discussions and seminars that spanned four days, beginning as early as 7:30 a.m. and lasting until 10:30 p.m...

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Maryland Ranks 29 in Business - cbl - Citybizlist Baltimore

Maryland Ranks 29 in Business - cbl - Citybizlist Baltimore


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MediaHooker: Against Overwhelming Odds

MediaHooker: Against Overwhelming Odds

Against Overwhelming Odds

[by my writer/blogger friend & colleague, KevinDayhoff! A prolific and quirky guy that writes with passion and is a former Mayor and artist/activist]


Against overwhelming odds

Kevin E. Dayhoff

from The Tentacle July 29th 2011

Next Monday is Independence Day. For someone like me, who grew up in a small agriculture-based country town in the heartland of the birth of our great nation, the holiday has always had a special meaning. I have often wondered why.

Perhaps it is because the Fourth of July is a part of our nation’s collective historic Zeitgeist, which commemorates the shared common experience of a great nation surviving against overwhelming odds.

As I have grown older and my study of history has intensified, the holiday has only grown in stature and meaning.

History is written by the winners and it is often sanitized and romanticized to an extent that the events portrayed by historical accounts, would be unrecognizable by the participants.

This great experiment we call democracy, freedom and America, should have failed any number of times in history and yet we prevail.

After the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress, which was only a revolutionary government in formation since September 5th, 1774, immediately set about the struggle to form a national government among states that did not get along, delegates that did not like each other, and regions of the colonies that had diametrically opposed interests.

On July 3, 2005, George Will wrote that when General George Washington “arrived outside Boston in July 1775 to assume command of the American rebellion, he was aghast.

“When he got a gander at his troops, mostly New Englanders, his reaction was akin to the Duke of Wellington's assessment of his troops, many of them the sweepings of Britain's slums, during the Peninsular War: ‘I don't know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they terrify me.’

“You think today's red state/blue state antagonism is unprecedented? Washington thought New Englanders ‘exceeding dirty and nasty.’”

And so began the American War of Independence.

The American colonists should have, by all measurable accounts, never ever won the Revolution. The war was not supported by a majority of the colonists.

European historical accounts reflect that the English essentially gave up fighting because the English public and government was financially exhausted and public sentiment had turned against the war. Between 1775 and 1783, England’s national debt had almost doubled while fighting the war.

After the Revolutionary War, the American colonies were essentially bankrupt and devastated. Immediately after the conflict, the only thing that kept the Continental Army from revolting in a military coup was the influence of George Washington.

If it were not for Holland loaning us millions and millions of dollars, we may have never made it. The United States was in debt to the tune of $42 million by 1783; $8 million was owed to Holland, France and Spain.

Hmmm… This is beginning to sound familiar! ...{Ctd on the link below}

Citybizlist: Maryland Ranks 29 in Business; Dave Troy's 410 Labs Launches Shortmail; United Therapeutics Agrees to $49.9M Expansion

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Thursday, June 30, 2011
EDITOR'S TOP 5Baltimore Editor, Brian Wolak

Maryland Ranks 29 in Business

By Brian Wolak
BALTIMORE -- Maryland placed 29 inCNBC's America's Top States for Business 2011, down two spots from its ranking last year. The Old Line State beat New Jersey by one spot but trailed Oklahoma. Virginia stood at the top of the list among all 50 states, with Rhode Island achieving the dubious... MORE

Dave Troy's 410 Labs Launches Shortmail E-mail Service

Dave Troy
410 Labs announced today at the eComm Conference that it has released itsShortmail email service from private beta, making the service fully available to the public. Shortmail is a full-strength email service with a streamlined set of features, designed to reduce the clutter and inefficiencies that have caused so many people to dread dealing with their email.MORE

United Therapeutics, DPR Agree to $49.9M Price Tag on Research Triangle Park Expansion

Martine Rothblatt
United Therapeutics Corporation agreed to the guaranteed maximum price terms of a construction management agreement with DPR Construction, a General Partnership. Under the terms of the Agreement, DPR will manage the construction of a 180,000 square foot expansion of the Company's existing manufacturing and office facility in Research... MORE

IT'SUGAR to Open This Weekend at Harborplace & The Gallery

IT'SUGAR will open a 3,100 square foot trendy candy emporium - its first location in Maryland - at Harborplace & The Gallery on Saturday, July 2 at 10 a.m.The all-ages Candyland will occupy space on the first floor of the Pratt Street Pavilion. Customers will find over 10,000 pounds of sugar coated indulgence in addition... MORE

Look for Friday's Eye on Baltimore
Read Newt Fowler's "The Future of E-Retail," a conversation with 6th Street's David Potts

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New Business Group Wants Maryland Blueprint for Private Sector Jobs

John Delaney
Commercial banker John Delaney says, "I'd like to see the federal government spend as much money as possible here" in Maryland, but "I'm not sure it's realistic." With the country's deficit problem, cuts are more likely and the state's economy is "more vulnerable because of the reliance on federal spending," Delaney said. That's why Delaney, founder and executive chairman of CapitalSource in Chevy Chase, has formed a new nonpartisan... MORE

SEC Filing: Game Trading Technologies Receives Letter From BofA on Financial Covenants Failure

Brian Moynihan
Game Trading Technologies, Inc., and its wholly owned subsidiary, Gamers Factory, Inc. previously entered into an amended and restated loan agreement, dated November 23, 2010 (the "Amended Loan Agreement"), as amended on January 28, 2011 and as amended on May 12, 2011 with Bank of America, N.A. On June 24, 2011, the Borrower received... MORE

Wythe Will Distributing and Tzetzo Bros Merge To Form Wythe Will Tzetzo

McCormick Provides Second Quarter 2011 Update

Restaurants, Bars, Liquor Stores Get Ready To Start Collecting New Alcohol Tax on Friday - By Megan Poinski

State Senator Catherine Pugh Condemns Passage Of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's Budget Cuts

Debt, Deficits, and Fiscal Policy: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? - By Gary Williams

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Tech Council of Maryland Congratulates Sen. Nancy King for Being Named 2011 BIO State Legislator of the Year

Nancy J. King
The Tech Council of Maryland (TCM), Maryland's largest technology and biotechnology association with nearly 500 members employing more than 250,000 in the region, today congratulated Maryland Sen. Nancy J. King for being named the 2011 BIO State Legislator of the Year, an annual award that recognizes a legislator who makes an outstanding contribution to advancing the biotechnology industry in his or her state. Sen. MORE

Jonathan Wachs To Serve As President Of The Meals On Wheels Board

Jonathan Wachs
Jonathan Wachs of Offit Kurman was recently elected President of the Board of Directors for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland. I am sincerely honored to help Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland meet the needs of our regional homebound population, said Wachs, who has been involved with the organization since 2007. There is no more rewarding, direct, or impactful way to give back to your community than to provide the food, companionship and related services that people need to age in place affordably.MORE

Tresys Technology Appoints Karl MacMillan CTO

Karl MacMillan
Tresys Technology, a provider of technology and services for customers with high security requirements, today announced the promotion of Karl MacMillan to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from his previous role of Vice President, Technology. MacMillan, who joined Tresys in 2003, will be responsible for establishing and maintaining strategic technology initiatives within Tresys to ensure Tresys' continued reputation as a leader in computer security. MORE

Central Scholarship Appoints Michele Waxman Johnson As Deputy Director

Michele Johnson
Central Scholarship (CSB) has namedMichele Waxman Johnson as Deputy Director. Johnson began working at CSB in February as Board Coordinator, and was promoted to this newly created position. Most recently, she served as Executive Director of Leadership Frederick County, a community leadership program in Frederick, MD, for 11 years. In 2010, Johnson was a political candidate in Carroll County, MD. Previously, she held positions... MORE

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Nancy King
Maryland State Senator at Maryland General Assembly

Gary Williams

President & CEO at Williams Asset Management

SC&H Group
Celebrating 20 years of service, SC&H Group is a widely-acclaimed CPA and management consulting group serving clients from emerging businesses to the largest Fortune 500 companies. To learn more,


bbjonline At BIO Conference, Johns Hopkins promotes tech transfer in Montgomery County

 Reader: After Constellation merger, Shattuck could replace Irsay as Baltimore's most hated man

baltimorelocal Baltimore offers $10,000 incentive to buyers of formerl... -

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Game Trading Tech Receives Bank Letter

Vocus CEO Conducts Transactions

Conmed Healthcare Discloses Amended Ownership

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Legg Mason Inc. (LM) Up 2.94%

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