Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist

Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Md Troopers Assoc #20 & Westminster Md Fire Dept Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist

Sunday, June 30, 2013

#UnionMillsMd Homestead docent Ruth Shirley shares insights 150 yr #Gettysburg

Mill works & operations #UnionMillsMd Homestead 150 yr #Gettysburg Corbit's Chrg

The mill works at #UnionMillMd 150 yrs #Gettysburg Corbit's Charge

J.E.B. Stuart & Federal City Brass Band B flat tenor horn Bill Rose #UnionMillMd

Jane Sharpe J.E.B. Stuart discuss events of day #UnionMillsMd 150 yr anniverary

Sam Riley stops to take few notes 150 yr #Gettysburg commemoration #UnionMillsMd

Federal City Brass Band Concert performs #UnionMillsMd #Gettysburg

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Sunday morning #church services at Grace Lutheran Church #Westminster Maryland

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Here for the day for Civil War commemorative events at Union Mills Homestead

Garden bridge at Union Mills Homestead Corbit's Charge Gettysburg

Civil War re-enactors discuss obtaining horses Je 29 1863 Union Mills Homestead

Re-enactors discuss series of events that took place June 29 1863 Union Mills

Discussion at outdoor kitchen facilities at Union Mills Homestead re-enactment

Working water wheel at the mill at Union Mills Homestead for Corbit's Charge

Prussian Major Johann August Henrick Heros von Borcke at Union Mills

John Singleton Mosby at @UnionMillsMd Corbit's Charge 150 yr anniversary

Major General Daniel Harvey Hill portrayed by Doug Batson at @UnionMillsMd

Carroll County Times photographer Dave Munch at work at Union Mills Homestead

@UnionMillsMd 150 yr anniversary Corbit's Charge Quarter Master's tent

Union Mills Homestead bridge over Big Pipe Creek Corbit's Charge

Civil War weapons on display Union Mills Corbit's Charge Gettysburg 150 yr

Calvalry horse takes a break Union Mills Corbit's Charge 150 yr anniversary

Lunch is prepared Union Mills Homestead Corbit's Charge Gettysburg

Artillery demonstrations Union Mills Corbit's Charge Gettysburg

Kevin Dayhoff interviews mules Gus & Ned Union Mills Corbit's Charge Gettysburg

Jim Sayler mules Ned & Gus enjoy Union Mills Corbit's Charge Gettysburg events

Cavalry Drill Union Mills 150 anniversary Corbit's Charge Gettysburg

Opening ceremonies Union Mills Homestead150 yr anniversary Corbit's Charge

Commissioner Howard speaks Union Mills Corbit's Charge commemoration

Opening ceremonies 150 yr commemoration Corbit's Charge Union Mills Homestead

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Friday, June 28, 2013

You can still to this day see bullets stuck side of house from Corbit's Charge

Dan Pyle leads discussion of events June 29 1863 Corbit's Charge in Westminster

Firing salutes the fallen from Corbit's Charge in Westminster 150 yr anniversary

Tom LeGore his wife & Tom Abbott participate 150 yr anniversary Corbit's Charge

Tom LeGore prepares for Corbit's Charge 150 anniversary Je 29 1863 at Court St

I think that Gail Elwell's latest work with books at Off Track Art is incredible

Off Track 2day Just talked 2 outoftown #runners that travel 2 Westminster 2 run

PCWorld: Hands On with Windows 8.1: Microsoft's 'do-over' OS is loaded with features

PCWorld: Hands On with Windows 8.1: Microsoft's 'do-over' OS is loaded with features

The latest from PCWorldBest of PCWorldFollow us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter
06.28.2013  View in a Browser
06.26.2013 9:00 AM
Windows 8.1 isn't just an update—it's an apology. But if you didn't like Windows 8, don't expect the new release to change your mind.
06.27.2013 3:26 AM
Windows 8.1 Preview shows much-improved internal apps, and the Windows Store is much friendlier and more filled-out than it used to be.



06.26.2013 12:39 PM
Developers, developers, developers shouldn't be your audience when you're announcing a product that's crucial for your company's future.
06.27.2013 6:48 AM
Why are there two versions of Internet Explorer within Windows 8.1? Because users want them, IE11 chief says. Plus: a slimmer SkyDrive.
06.24.2013 3:01 AM
Vendors are trying to innovate their way out of the PC doldrums. Let's look at the curiosities they've created.
06.26.2013 3:30 AM
We go eyes-on with new models from HP, NEC, and Samsung, whose expansive screens and pivoting hinges give you more options for viewing content or images.
06.26.2013 9:30 AM
Microsoft's Kinect for Windows will be released in final form by next year, and include "green screen" technology to strip out backgrounds from behind users.
06.21.2013 3:03 AM
This new gaming handheld plays Android apps and streams PC games, but it costs $300. Is it worth the money? Two PCWorld writers argue each side.
06.21.2013 3:30 AM
Some games garner so much fan attention that they can't possibly live up to hype they've generated. Here are ten games from recent history that created high hopes but ended up being big letdowns.
06.25.2013 8:00 AM
This virtual 7.1 surround-sound software does a decent job of simulating a much more expensive pair of surround-sound headphones.
06.20.2013 3:30 AM
Take these basic steps to safeguard your business's invaluable information assets.
06.24.2013 8:18 AM
As money and corporate information have morphed from hard currency and blueprints to digital files, small and midsized businesses have become the new banks to rob. In fact, bank robberies across the U.S. have plummeted from 9,400 in 1991 to just 3,870 last year. As Doug Johnson of the American Bankers Association puts it: "As more and more transactions become electronic, more bank crimes become electronic."