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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Sunday, March 26, 1989

18190326 Westminster Elections The Westminster Chronicle

Town of Westminster elections for one Burgess and six commissioners

This is the first election for a municipal government in he history of Westminster, however, annual elections for the Trustees for the Westminster general meeting house for quite a few years, which could be considered a governing body of the town…

Friday March 26, 1819

The Westminster Chronicle

"We are indebted to Miss Kate Shriver, near this city, for a copy of The Westminster Chronicle and Weekly Advertiser, vol. I No. 17. The paper bears date "Westminster, Frederick County, (MD.) Friday, March 26, 1819. The paper is about quarter the size of THE ADVOCATE, and was published by William B. Burke at $2 per annum.

Among the list of Agents for the paper we find the names of "John Hyder, Union-Town; J. Denning, Denning's Post-Office; Charles Devilbiss, Union Mills; Peter Mathias, Taney-Town; Mr. Farquier, Union Bridge; G. W. Gist, Middleburg; Wm. Bull, New-Windsor; Henry Beltz, Manchester."

Thomas W. Morgan and Upton Wagers, offered themselves as candidates for Sheriff.

Dr. Elias Umbach and Dr. Willis offered their services to the community.

Among the advertisements of business men appear the names of John Krouse, Jacob Grove, Aquilla Elliott, David Uhler, David Winters; William Frizell advertised a cow as strayed, John Kline gave notice that a bay mare had been stolen from him on the 9th instant.

A communication, signed many voters, gave notice that on the 1st Monday of April the following gentlemen would be voted for:-For Burgess, John Fisher; for Commissioners, Ludwig Wampler, Jacob Sherman, Jacob Frenger, Isaac Shriver, John C. Cockey and Jacob Yin Ling.

William H. McCannon was acting Postmaster; Jesse Slingluff was President of the Bank of Westminster. Philip Littig, Market Street, Baltimore, offered $10 reward for a German man names Johon George Klotter.

Isaac Shriver gave notice that the annual election of Trustees for the Westminster general meeting house would be held on Easter Monday.