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Friday, February 13, 2004

20040212 Democrat Franchot: The Ultimate Hypocrite On Slots

Democrat Franchot: The Ultimate Hypocrite On Slots



1998 HB678 Fiscal Note St Lottery Commission Video Lottery Terminals

1998 HB678 St Lottery Commission Video Lottery Terminals


February 12, 2004

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Following News that Anti-Slots Lobbying Firm Worked to Join Pro-Slots Effort,

Evidence Now Shows Lead Anti-Slots Leader Was Once a Fervent Slots Supporter

ANNAPOLIS – As the so called anti-slots movement gears up this year, one of its top leaders, Delegate Peter Franchot (D-Montgomery County), is proving yet again that the fight to halt slots is nothing more than another tactic in the other side’s “Stick it to Ehrlich” campaign, said Republican State Party Chairman John M. Kane.

Just three years ago, when his party’s Governor was in office, Peter Franchot helped lead a “Public Education-Funding” bill in the House of Delegates to allow licensed operators to run slot machines. Now, Franchot has made a complete flip-flop to become Maryland’s most ardent opponent of any slots plan that would help fund education in the state.

“Today he says slots is out of the question, calling it a ‘new game’ in Annapolis, and promising to not end his fight until ‘this obsession with slot machines comes to an end’,” Chairman Kane said. “Well considering his past work to legalize slots, the only new game he seems to be playing is “Stick it to Ehrlich,” and in the process he’s sticking it to all the kids who are in grades K-12. In all apparent reality, Franchot is pro-slots, anti-Ehrlich, and not big enough to admit it.”

Kane also pointed out that top representatives of the anti-slots lobbying firm that Franchot’s coalition hired to run the anti-slots campaign were in the Maryland Republican office three weeks ago working to take on the pro-slots campaign.

“The simple fact that top officers for the ‘anti-slots’ lobbying firm Mr. Franchot’s coalition recently hired were in my office last month to, in essence, ask for $100,000 in blackmail so they wouldn’t help Franchot and his people launch an anti-slots campaign, proves the anti-slots movement is a scam. Even more importantly, it proves that neither the anti-slots coalition nor Mr. Franchot has any credibility.”

Franchot was one of 15 Delegates in the 2001 legislative session to sponsor House Bill 1170, a Constitutional Amendment designed to fund public education through the use of video lottery terminals in licensed establishments with a provision that would prohibit the growth of casino gambling.


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