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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Recently on Explore Carroll and Eagle Archives - by Kevin Dayhoff

Eagle Archive: Wampler's life of service made him an apt participant on #Memorial Day

Atlee Wampler was a tall man who maintained a military bearing forged in heavy combat throughout WWII, all his life

Wampler served as the #Westminster #Carroll Co #Memorial Day parade marshall from 1947 until his death in 1991

On May 28, Carroll County and Westminster will mark the 145th observance of Memorial Day with an expanded parade and three-days of activities — thanks to all the hard work of American Legion Carroll Post No. 31 and leaders like Skip Amass, coordinator of this year's activities.

The tradition of the parade and ceremony in Westminster began in 1868, when Mary Bostwick Shellman followed General John A. Logan's May 5, 1868, General Order No. 11 — which called upon people to adorn the graves of Union soldiers with flowers.

She gathered a group of schoolchildren for that task, and they walked from the old schoolhouse on Center Street to Westminster Cemetery.

As with all the many stories in Carroll, the hands and hearts of countless individuals and community organizations have guided and nurtured the observances over the years. The list is long and celebrated.

However, one of the names historically synonymous with Memorial Day is particularly worthy of note — Atlee Willis Wampler Jr… READ MORE:,0,5649787.story



Generations have been touched by Frock's 4-H and church leadership By Kevin Dayhoff, May 3, 2012

Eagle Archive: Generations have been touched by Frock's 4-H and church leadership,0,7820360.story

Fourteen years ago — on April 12, 1998 — the Baltimore Sun carried an article about my neighbor and good friend, Kathryn Myers Frock, in which it was noted:

"The Westminster woman, who is believed to be the longest-serving 4-H volunteer in the country, was surprised recently to be honored for 58 years of volunteer service.

"Fifty-eight years? thought Frock. Why 58?

"'Maybe they don't think I'm going to be here for 60 years,' she said with a smile."

Well, Frock made it to 60 years. As a matter of fact, make that 74 years that she was a 4-H leader and volunteer fair judge.

That said, with Frock, it was not as much about the quantity of years, but the quality.


by Kevin Dayhoff

This is the time of the year when many citizens turn their attention to the budget processes of Carroll County government and its eight municipalities. No matter where you live in Carroll County, money matters.

Statewide, Gov. Martin O'Malley has announced that on Monday, May 14, the General Assembly will get together for a couple of days to raise taxes and enact more laws, rules and regulations. (For more on this read, "Delegation says county stands to lose $1 million in special session," on,0,1799107.story


By Kevin Dayhoff, April 30, 2012

When spring rolls around, many of us have home improvement projects to tackle. But few of those result in community-wide interest or historical significance. (Unless, that is, you count the alligator-filled moat I was thinking about installing.)

But on April 29, 1891, Dr. Jacob J. Weaver Jr. of Uniontown began the construction of an indoor bathroom — and kept a detailed dairy of the project to preserve for history.

Of course, having an indoor bathroom was a big deal in those days.

"The idea of an indoor bathroom was almost unknown until the early 20th century," according to historian Jay Graybeal, who wrote about Weaver's bathroom construction diary a number of years ago for the Historical Society of Carroll County.

Today, the historical society has Weaver's diary on file, in case you'd like to consult his plans. His project was completed on June 2 at a cost of $554. Your results may vary.

We should note that the First National Bank of Westminster made sure Weaver was "flush" with cash — the bank loaned him $500 for the project earlier in April.

On April 26, 1927, the City of Westminster was also looking forward to a few improvements. It was on that date that the Maryland General Assembly approved legislation to allow the city to borrow a total of $75,000 at a rate of interest not to exceed 4 1/2 percent.

The legislation specifically noted "that the money derived from the sale of said bonds shall be used and applied exclusively to the paving and improving of the streets, curbs, and gutters of the town, heretofore decided upon by the Mayor and Common Council of Westminster." …,0,6008258.story


Eagle Archive: Calling all 'well-behaved players' for baseball in Carroll County

You may have noticed that the Baltimore Orioles have gotten off to a good start so far in the young 2012 season.

Hope springs eternal, and spring makes me eternally hopeful, so it's only fitting to note that baseball was also on the minds of Carroll County readers more than 110 years ago.

On this day in 1899, a local newspaper carried a news story that the local "Westminster Base Ball Club" was looking for a few good baseball players…

"The Westminster Base Ball Club ... desires to win the championship and toward that end desires to have a team composed of good players who will be able to play good base ball, and will take full advantage of the five mile limit in order to obtain the players if they can not be gotten in this city." …

What is that 'five-mile limit' all about? We may need to call upon local historian and Carroll County baseball history expert Dan Hartzler.


According to Mary Ann Ashcraft, an historian for the Historical Society, "Baseball was a big draw in all parts of the county, and competition between local teams often got very intense…"


In the April 22, 1899 article that appeared in the now-defunct Democratic Advocate newspaper, it is interesting to review the set of qualifications desired by the Westminster Base Ball Club.

“While no roughness or rowdyism on the team will be permitted, the team will be no kid glove affair, to the detriment of good ball playing, but every effort will be made to obtain a representative club of conscientious, efficient, and well-behaved ball players…

“The team announced last week will be permanent only so far as the members, so announced, are able to play good ball and play regularly.”

Where do I sign up? Put me in coach, I’m ready to play.

When he is not listening to Orioles baseball on WTTR, Kevin Dayhoff may be reached at…,0,1682881.story

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