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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mediaite search on recent Howard Kurtz stories

CNN Panel Gets Into Shout Fest Over Whether MSNBC’s Matthews ‘Unhinged’ During RNC

During this morning’s edition of Reliable Sources panelists Jennifer Rubin and John Aravosis got into a heated debate over whether MSNBC host Chris Matthews was “unhinged” last week in his coverage of the Republican National Convention.

CNN’s Howard Kurtz Mocks Tweeters Complaining About Olympic Coverage: ‘Too Much Time On Their Hands’

Capture VIDEO
On Tuesday afternoon, CNN took a look at the fallout from NBC’s tape-delayed coverage of the London Olympics, including the network’s [spoilering] up of the women’s [spoiler] race and it’s 6+ hour delay in showing American viewers swimmer Michael Phelp‘s surprising loss.

McCain Calls Howard Kurtz’s Newsweek Article ‘Liberal, Left-Wing Trash’

McCain1-300x187 VIDEO
On Monday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) slammed a Newsweekarticle published by Howard Kurtz in the Daily Beast for factual errors and liberal bias. He said that Kurtz’s piece, and the allegations contained within, are “foolishness” and “left-wing trash.”

Howard Kurtz On ‘Face Facts’ Initiative: ‘Are Republicans Involved In This, As Well?’

facts VIDEO
On Reliable Sources Sunday morning, host Howard Kurtz gave media critics a good laugh when, after introducing a segment on George Washington University’s “Face The Facts” initiative, he asked Frank Sesno, the director of the university’s School of Media and Public Affairs, if Republicans were on board for all of this “fact” business. At least, that’s what it sounded like, and good for him.

Howard Kurtz Compares Coverage Of Candidate Obama’s World Tour With Romney’s

reliable VIDEO
On CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday morning, host Howard Kurtzengaged a panel of The New Yorker‘s Ryan LizzaNational Review‘s Jim Geraghty, and‘s Keli Goff in a discussion of the media frenzy surrounding Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s 3-nation tour, as compared with then-Sen. Barack Obama‘s more expansive 2008 visit to European and Middle Eastern nations. The premise was quickly discarded, but illustrates the fatal flaw in much of modern media criticism.

‘Politicize’ This!

In the aftermath of Friday’s horrific mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the inevitable criticism that some are “politicizing” this tragedy has been leveled frequently. While some of this criticism is legitimate, there have been suggestions that MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner and CNN’s  crossed the line when they dared to even discuss gun policy on the same day the shootings took place. If that’s the definition of “politicizing” this event, then I’ve got news for you: that’s our job.

CNN’s Howard Kurtz Attacks Reddit Showing That Either He Doesn’t Get It, Or Just Likes Being The Stodgy ‘Old Media’ Guy

Reddit VIDEO
On CNN’s Reliable Sources today, Howard Kurtz brought up how thoroughly the news following the Aurora shooting Friday has been documented and outlined on the popular website Reddit. What’s most interesting about this segment is how many times Kurtz and his guest Paul Farhi downplayed the accuracy of the information posted, whilst appearing on the very network that publicly and embarrassingly reported that the health care mandate had been struck down.

NBC And Microsoft Reportedly To Announce Split, Rebranding

On Wednesday afternoon, Howard Kurtz reported that NBC and Microsoft will announce a deal to part ways, with the NBC purchasing back the remainder of from the software corporation.

CNN’s Howard Kurtz Take On CNN’s SCOTUS Flub: ‘It Wasn’t Pretty’

Capture-6 VIDEO
On CNN’s Reliable Sources today, Howard Kurtz didn’t shy away from the journalistic equivalent of a brainfart that unfolded for a glorious seven minutes on the network last week. Kurtz said “it wasn’t pretty” and spent a whole segment piling on the network (and Fox News, which also got the scoop wrong) for being so quick to break the story instead of just waiting two minutes to verify the information.

Howard Kurtz Scolds Media For ‘Prognostications’ On SCOTUS Amid Sea Of His Own Prognostications

Media critic and CNN contributor, Howard Kurtz, took the media to task on Thursday for offering erroneous predictions as to how the Supreme Court would rule on the constitutionality of health care reform. Kurtz slammed members of the media for their prognosticating in the harshest of terms, seemingly unaware that he has quite recently engaged in the very same practice he condemns.

CNN Guests Howard Kurtz And Lauren Ashburn: Sexism At Play In Today Decision To Replace Ann Curry

sitch_room VIDEO
On Friday’s edition of The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer spoke with Howard Kurtz about whether anchor Ann Curry is “taking the fall” forToday‘s “messy breakup.”

CNN’s Howard Kurtz Takes On Daily Caller Writer Over Neil Munro’s Heckling Obama

howard kurtz matt lewis VIDEO
On Friday, The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro made headlines when heinterrupted President Obama during his remarks about his new immigration policy. While Tucker Carlson praised and defended Munro, others weren’t so kind, including Reliable Sources‘ Howard Kurtz. On Sunday, he spoke to Current TV’s Cenk Uygur as well as The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis, who wasn’t keen on criticizing his colleague.

David Shuster And Jennifer Rubin Square Off On CNN Over Mitt Romney’s Wealth

Picture 7 VIDEO
On today’s Reliable Sources, the number of news stories about Mitt Romney‘s wealth posed the topic of conversation for Howard Kurtz and guests David Shuster and Jennifer Rubin, the latter who argued the stories of Romney’s wealth were irrelevant and used unfairly against him, to which Shuster responded the media did the same thing to John Kerry in 2004.

Howard Kurtz: Fox News And MSNBC Were ‘Parallel Universes’ During Wisconsin Recall

Picture 1 VIDEO
Howard Kurtz opened Reliable Sources with something of a look in the mirror today– a panel on cable news ratings, and how a network like CNN (and even Fox News and MSNBC, who are also in a current ratings decline) can compete in a bad news cycle. In discussing whether the ratings problem was a programming one or a greater decline in the use of television, Kurtz pointed out that CNN is also competing by offering an image of objectivity, one that appears in stark contrast with MSNBC and Fox News, as was made obvious on the night of the Wisconsin recall.

New Walter Cronkite Biography Reveals Less Ethical Side Of America’s Most Trusted Man

“Nobody wanted to go after Walter Cronkite,” writes David Brinkley in Cronkite his new biography of the beloved CBS newsman. The book “dents his halo,” Howard Kurtz writes in The Daily Beast. Today, Cronkite’s stunts would have the likes of Kurtz himself calling for him to step down.

Former Daily Show Producer: I Felt Uncomfortable Mocking People Just Because I Disagreed With Them

Capture-1 VIDEO
Howard Kurtz gave viewers an insight into the creative process ofThe Daily Show‘s comedy with former show producer Mike Rubens. Rubens was on to talk about a recent column he wrote for Salon about how over the years, he’s grown to be more accepting of people with political views opposite his because of the people he’s met and subsequently made fun of.

CNN’s Howard Kurtz: MSNBC’s Tamron Hall Was ‘Being Insulting’ To Tim Carney By Cutting Him Off

kurtz on hall carney VIDEO
On MSNBC on Friday, anchor Tamron Hall and Washington Examiner columnist Tim Carney engaged in a heated debate which resulted in Hall cutting Carney off and saying he was insulting her and her program when he accused her of playing a “media trick.” CNN host of Reliable SourcesHoward Kurtz said it was Hall how was “being insulting” to Carney.

Media Covered Romney Twice As Favorably As Obama During GOP Primary, Study Says

According to a new study from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, — in an analysis of 52 newspaper, television, radio, and Web outlets from January 2nd through April 15th — Mitt Romney has received significantly more positive news coverage than President Obama.

Bill O’Reilly And Bernie Goldberg Explore Media Bias At Home: Is Bill O’Reilly A Partisan?

Picture-6-316x236 VIDEO
Over the weekend, Bill O’Reilly found his name being thrown around on CNN, where a panelist on Reliable Sources argued he was “in the tank” for Mitt Romney. O’Reilly objected but brought in a second opinion on his alleged bias: Bernie Goldberg, who seconded that: “the only tank I figure you are in is the Bill O’Reilly tank.”

Fox News Mole Tells Howard Kurtz He Wanted To Leave But Got ‘Blackballed’ At Other Networks

Joe Muto, the “Fox News Mole,” sat down for an appearance withHoward Kurtz that aired on CNN’s Reliable Sources today to recount his tales of working at Fox and explain why he went rogue. Kurtz confronted Muto on why he stayed with the network for so long if he could not stand to work there, and what kind of financial arrangements he had worked out with Gawker, the site that Muto was posting as the mole on.

‘Fox News Mole’ Accuses Network Of ‘Trying To Intimidate Me Into Silence’

Picture 1 VIDEO
Had it not been for Hilary Rosen, Gawker’s exposed “Fox News Mole” Joe Muto may have been the top story of the week, with his exposes on the News Corp bathrooms and 24-hour period of anonymity before being “indefinitely suspended,” then fired, then slapped with a legal threat. Muto sat down with CNN’s Howard Kurtz for an interview that will air tomorrow morning, but Reliable Sources has released a preview in which Muto argues the legal threats are baseless, and admits to being a “weasel.”

CNN Guest: Today Show Hurt Its Journalistic Brand By Letting Palin Co-Host

Capture-2 VIDEO
One of the biggest media stories of the past week was NBC’s decision to have Sarah Palin co-host The Today Show alongside Matt Lauer to try and compete with Katie Couric‘s star power on GMA or something. So naturally, it came up today as one of the big topics on CNN’sReliable Sources. But TV critic David Zurawik absolutely tore into the whole thing, saying that NBC had a brand of journalism to protect, but abandoned it the second it decided to let Palin co-host the network institution.

CNN’s Howard Kurtz Tries Too Hard In Calling Out Fox News & MSNBC For Trayvon Martin Coverage

HowieC-316x231 VIDEO
In the past week of the media covering Trayvon MartinHoward Kurtz observed that MSNBC and Fox News seemed to be acting in lieu of the prosecution and the defense, completely leaving the justice system by the wayside. Hosts on the liberal network are taking a much more aggressive line, especially in Lawrence O’Donnell‘s now-infamous interview with George Zimmerman acquaintance Joe Oliver, while the more conservative network has been more open to the idea that Martin may have done something to initiate an attack of self-defense.

Keith Olbermann Complained To Current That Car Service Drivers ‘Smelled, Talked To Him’

On the heels of Countdown host Keith Olbermann‘s firing from Current TV, the network and sources close to it have been quick to buttress their case for the dismissal with details of the temperamental star’s antics. One such source tells Mediaite, among other things, that Olbermann went through 8 different car services (he doesn’t drive), and complained to the network that some of the drivers “smelled,” and “talked to him,” the latter detail echoing a leak that once dogged then-Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Cenk Uygur Defends Al Sharpton Against Howard Kurtz: ‘God Bless Rev. Sharpton’

Over the weekend, Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz slammed MSNBC for allowing Rev. Al Sharpton to cover the Trayvon Martin story, while leading rallies and protests at the same time. Rev. Sharpton picked up an unlikely ally Tuesday night, as The Young Turks‘ Cenk Uygur, who has been sharply critical of The Rev in the past, came to his defense, saying “God bless Rev. Sharpton. He’s bringing to light an issue that needed that light, that needed that attention.”

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