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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Top stories from The Hill for January 26, 2015

Top stories from The Hill for January 26, 2015
The Hill's E-news
What will Congress get done?
By Cristina Marcos
It’s time for Congress to get down to business.
Foreign policy divides 2016 hopefuls at Koch forum
By Jonathan Easley
Cruz, Rubio and Paul appeared on stage together for first debate-style event of the cycle.
Chris Christie launches PAC ahead of 2016
By Jessica Taylor
Leadership Matters for America PAC gives him an important vehicle for a White House bid.
'Device' found on White House grounds
By Kyle Balluck
A spokesman said the device poses no threat to White House personnel.
Obama moves to offense in fourth quarter
By Juan Williams
OPINION | The White House believes it has retaken the momentum.
Obama proposes more protections against drilling in Alaska refuge
By Timothy Cama
Alaska’s lawmakers called it a “war on Alaska’s future.”
McConnell: Obama sounds like he's running for a third term
By Tim Devaney
McConnell said Obama either forgot or is ignoring the midterm elections.
NSA reform remains cyber bill's biggest hurdle
By Cory Bennett
Lawmakers' enthusiasm for passing a cybersecurity bill will face a major hurdle this summer — National Security Agency (NSA) reform.
Tech eyes Cuban payday
By Julian Hattem
Tech companies see a potential windfall in the Obama administration’s decision to ease trade restrictions with Cuba — and they’re racing to cash in.
Sunday show wrap-up: Terror dominates
By The Hill staff
Iranian nuclear negotiations and the 2016 campaign also shared the spotlight.
US-Belgian initiative is blueprint for Muslim engagement
By Tara D. Sonenshine, contributor, and Tom C. Korologos
We must counter the alienation that can spur radicalism and even terrorism.
The Associated Press: House Tea Partyers face new resistance from GOP pragmatists
By Charles Babington
This should be a golden era for tea party conservatives, whose energies helped Republicans gain a historic House majority and take control of the Senate.
Los Angeles Times: Rosier views on economy pose a challenge for Republicans
By Cathleen Decker
For years, President Obama had a singular problem: convincing Americans who were not feeling the economic recovery that it was real and a cause for optimism, not to mention for electing fellow Democrats.
The New York Times: Romney’s consideration of candidacy is closely tied to his faith, allies say
By Ashley Parker and Alex Thompson
Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith is tied to his sense of service and patriotism, and he may embrace it more openly in a third presidential campaign.
The Washington Post: The risk to Rand Paul’s White House hope: Dad
By David A. Fahrenthold
Ron Paul has embraced a role as libertarianism’s prophet of doom. That might work against Rand Paul’s efforts to line up support for a potential 2016 bid.
The Des Moines Register: Santorum seeks to rebrand himself ahead of 2016
By Josh Hafner
The day after a forum of Republican stars unofficially kicked off the presidential campaign season in Iowa, Rick Santorum traveled to the place that helped launch him to caucus victory in 2012: northwest Iowa.

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