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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Monday, January 23, 2017

April 1994 Capital Improvement Program City of Westminster Carroll County MD

April 1994 Capital Improvement Program City of Westminster Carroll County MD

In October 1991, the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Westminster adopted an ordinance adding a new Chapter 20, entitled "Fiscal Matters" to the Westminster City Code. The ordinance provides that the fiscal year of the City shall commence July 1 of each year and end on June 30 in the following year. As part of the City's annual budget process, the Mayor in coordination with the Directors of the City's various Departments shall prepare a six-year program for capital improvements, which is to be approved by the Common Council on or about the date of budget approval. Following adoption of the Capital Improvements Program, no capital improvement project may be added to the program, unless a public hearing is held and, thereafter, a revised program is adopted by resolution of the Mayor and Common Council.

Statement of Objectives

The Capital Improvements Program is an important way of putting the City's comprehensive plan into action. It is the City's objective to coordinate the Capital Improvements Program with the City's comprehensive plan and development regulations such as zoning and subdivision ordinances. The type, scale, timing, and location of new development will affect the public costs of providing facilities and services. The Capital Improvements Program can save the City money by coordinating capital projects and through advance acquisition of land for future facilities. Public facilities also play an important role in determining when, where, and how much private sector development will occur.

The Capital Improvements Program can be thought of as the public sector's development plan, which will show

1) What capital projects and facilities will be built, repaired, replaced, or purchased;

2) Where these projects are located; and 3) when the projects are scheduled to take place.

Currently there is a growing awareness of the value of budgeting for public facilities. This is especially true since the end of federal revenue sharing in 1987 and the recent reductions in funding from the State of Maryland. The decline in intergovernmental transfers has placed greater fiscal pressure on the City of Westminster to fund capital improvements with local revenue. To the greatest extent possible, the City has tried to minimize debt financing in favor of pay-as-you-go funding of capital projects. If Westminster must borrow funds for capital improvements, bond-rating agencies have urged the City to adopt a Capital Improvements Program, which may lower finance charges paid by the City.

Capital Improvements Program Schedule

By January 15th of each year, the Mayor shall furnish the Planning and Zoning Commission a copy of the proposed six-year Capital Improvements Program (CIP) and capital budget for its review and recommendation to the Common Council. After affording the public, an opportunity to express views on the proposed CIP, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall submit its recommendations to the Common Council on or before March 1st of each year.

On or before May 1st of each year, the Mayor and Common Council shall hold a public hearing on the proposed capital budget and six-year CIP. The Common Council may increase or decrease any appropriation item in the capital budget. The capital budget, as amended, shall be approved and funds appropriated not later than May 30th of the year in which it is submitted. Prior to June 1st of each year, the Common Council shall make tax levies deemed necessary to finance the capital budget.

General Information

Historical Capital Outlays

Capital outlay appropriations for the last six years are shown in Table 1. The historical data indicate a fairly consistent spending pattern with the exception of the $4.1 million appropriation from the City's sewer fund in FY90-91. A notable increase is also evident in the appropriations for General Government, which increased from $9,000 in FY89-90 to $863,000 in FY91-92, and then nearly doubled again in FY92-93 to $1,693,000. This increase in FY92-93 is attributed towards municipal building renovations, particularly the renovations for the building to be used by the Westminster Police Department. Historical capital expenditures will be used as a guideline in determining the reasonableness of projected capital funding levels.
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