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Monday, August 13, 2007

20070813 Westminster Common Council Meeting Minutes

Westminster Common Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of City Council Meetings | Agenda for next City Council Meeting

For posts and information about Westminster Common Council meeting agenda on “Soundtrack” click here: Westminster Common Council Mtg Agenda

For posts and information about Westminster Common Council meeting minutes on “Soundtrack” click here: Westminster Common Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes of City of Westminster Council Meeting

August 13, 2007


A meeting of The Mayor and Common Council was held in the John Street Quarters of the Westminster Fire Company, 28 John Street, on the evening of August 13, 2007 at 7:00 P.M. Mayor Ferguson, Council President Chiavacci; Council Members Albert, Wack, Utz, and Pecoraro; City Administrator Wolf; Acting Director of Planning and Public Works Glass; Chief Spaulding; City Treasurer Unger; City Attorney Walsh; and City Clerk Taylor were present.

Council President Chiavacci introduced Steve Powell, Chief of Staff for the Carroll County Board of Commissioners; Cindy Parr, Chief of Administrative Services for Carroll County; and Ashish J. Solanki, Director of the Office of Regional Aviation Assistance for the Maryland Aviation Administration. Mr. Powell, Ms. Parr, and Mr. Solanki gave a presentation on proposed expansion of the runway at the Carroll County Regional Airport ..

Mr. Powell began by reviewing the history of the airport from the 1960’s to the present. On June 12, 2007, the Commissioners voted to move forward with an environmental assessment of the proposed expansion. Ms. Parr summarized a tentative schedule for the study.

In response to questions from Mayor Ferguson, Mr. Powell described current plans to ensure adequate emergency services, to create an additional ingress and egress to the airport, and to make other road improvements. Mr. Powell added that the County does not plan to allow scheduled commercial flights.

Mr. Solanki spoke concerning several aspects of the project. He observed that the project would be funded by the federal government at 95 percent, by the State government at 2 ½ percent, and by the County at 2 ½ percent. He explained that the runway would be moved west approximately 350 – 400 feet, that the existing runway would become a taxiway, and that the types of aircraft using the airport would remain the same.

In response to questions from the Mayor and Council members, Mr. Solanki explained that the term “reliever airport” does not mean an airport becomes a backup for commercial jet traffic, but provides another location for smaller aircraft so they do not have to use major airports. He further described several expansion projects at other airports in the state.

Mr. Pecoraro recommended that the County consider establishing an airport advisory committee comprising representatives from all stakeholders, including, but not limited to, the City and local residents. Mr. Powell indicated that he would convey the suggestion to the County Commissioners.

Council President Chiavacci thanked Ms. Parr, Mr. Powell, and Mr. Solanki for their presentation.


Mayor Ferguson summarized the qualifications of Elizabeth Trescott and Kevin Beaver to serve on the Historic District Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission, respectively. Upon Motion of Mr. Pecoraro, seconded by Mr. Utz and unanimously passed, Ms. Trescott’s appointment was confirmed. Upon Motion of Mrs. Albert, seconded by Mr. Utz and unanimously passed, Mr. Beaver’s appointment was confirmed.


Mrs. Albert moved to approve the minutes of the meeting of July 9, 2007. Doctor Wack seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.


Council President Chiavacci noted that the Consent Calendar consisted of the approval of the June Departmental Operating Reports and approval of an Employee Assistance Program contract with GHE HealthCare, Inc. Mr. Utz moved to approve the Consent Calendar. Dr. Wack seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Pecoraro remarked that representatives from the State Department of Housing and Community Development recently visited several City projects that the State helped fund.

Mr. Utz reported on his recent meeting with the Executive Committee of the Westminster Fire Company.

Council President Chiavacci complimented Chief Spaulding for achieving many of the Police Department’s strategic planning goals.


Manager of Planning and Development Davis summarized Good Cause Waiver GCW 07-8, which would permit the occupants of 815 Washington Road to tap into the City water system. Mr. Pecoraro commented that the Committee on Growth and Annexation has recommended that water allocations for smaller parcels not be delayed pending adoption of the permanent water allocation policy. Upon Motion of Dr. Wack, seconded by Mr. Pecoraro and unanimously passed, the Good Cause Waiver was approved.

Mr. Glass summarized the terms of a new lease for T-Mobile to use space on the Sawgrass Water Tower for its wireless communications business. The lease provides for an initial term of ten years at a rent of $2,000.00 per month for the first year. Thereafter, unless terminated, the rent increases by three percent per year. Dr. Wack moved to approve the lease. Mr. Pecoraro seconded and the Motion passed unanimously.


Ms. Wolf reported further on the walking tour with the representatives of the Department of Housing and Community Development. She thanked City residents Rebekah Orenstein, Darcel Harris, and Alissa Derr for assisting and summarized the locations visited.

Ms. Wolf announced that the State Highway Administration would present its study and recommendations concerning the Route 31 corridor on Monday, August 20, 2007 at 7:00 P.M. in Room 003-004 of the County Office Building. The Administration has been conducting a safety study for several months, particularly in the area where Route 31 intersects Tahoma Farm and Long Valley Roads.

Mr. Unger reported that training on the Eden Systems software was continuing.

Mr. Glass noted that mosquito surveillance would begin on August 20, 2007.

Council President Chiavacci introduced Chief Alexander, Assistant Chief Bangert, and President Cull of the Westminster Fire Company. Mr. Cull advised that the company has been complying with the code yellow voluntary water conservation measures.


Several City and County residents spoke against the proposed expansion of the runway at the Carroll County Regional Airport: David McElroy, Rebekah Orenstein, Edmund Kleve, Laurie Walters, Mary Kowalski, Pat Annis, Judy Spindler, Gary Johnson, Dr. Brink, Henry Hepner, and Steven Dodson. The concerns they expressed included increased traffic and noise, potential environmental problems, and a potential inadequacy of emergency services.

Ms. Orenstein observed that truck traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue has increased. Mayor Ferguson advised her that the City is preparing to study possible measures to limit truck traffic on City roads.

City resident Anna Deveney commented on the recent death of a sixteen-year old City resident.

Council President Chiavacci adjourned the meeting at 9:37 P.M.

Laurell E. Taylor

City Clerk


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