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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whitson is top firefighter for Westminster Maryland

The Westminster Fire Engine and Hose Company No. 1 Inc. celebrated its 130th annual banquet on Jan. 31 at the Best Western Conference Center in Westminster.

The evening included a fine meal and awards presentations, including the designation of Todd Whitson as Firefighter of the Year.

Whitson, who joined the department in August 2006, was nominated for the award by his peers.

The honor stems from his actions on Feb. 9, 2008, when he led his first crew to a working house fire. Bystanders told firefighters that one person was missing and still in the house. Whitson's quick actions made sure his crew found the victim and removed him from the structure.

His leadership and quick action were cited as the key reason the victim survived. Whitson and his crew were honored with unit citations during the banquet.

Also at the banquet, the top 15 members were recognized for fire and EMS responses, with Josh Evans being the top responder with 621 total calls.

Fifteen members were also recognized for the total training hours, with Gilbert Roper having the most with more than 108 hours.

The department recognized two members of the community for support to the department -- Lyndi McNulty and James Harris. The department also recognized members for years of service for 5 to 45 years.

The department suffered the loss of two life members in 2008, Harry Zook and Charles Mann. Both were honored at a brief memorial service at the banquet.

The following officers were elected in December and took office on Jan. 1, 2009: President Daniel Plunkert; First Vice President William Brehm; Second Vice President Charles Tolle Sr.; Secretary Kristen Boyer; Treasurer Robert Ruby; Chief James Bangerd III; and Assistant Chief Jeff Bangerd.

Also Ambulance Captain Richard Raver; Captain Kevin Utz; Marshall Michael Garber; Assistant Marshall Kenny Carlisle; Chaplain Wayne Spencer; Historian James Brown; and Assistant Historian James Eckard.

The following appointed Officers also took office in January 2009: Fire Suppression Officers are Lieutenants William Brehm, James Starry, James Falise Jr, Jon Haddad and Josh Evans; and EMS lieutenants are Gilbert Roper, Matthew Crise, Jason Tyler and Marques Price.

The following officers and members serve as the Executive Committee of the department: President Daniel Plunkert, First Vice President William Brehm, Second Vice President Charles Tolle Sr., Secretary Kristen Boyer, Treasurer Robert Ruby, Chief James Bangerd III; and two members elected at-large, Marvin Hollinger and Jeff Ausherman.

The following members are Officer of the Fire Police: Chief Kenny Carlisle, Assistant Chief Michael Garber; Secretary and Treasurer Marvin Hollinger; and Captain John Knorr Jr.

Junior Fire Department Officers are: President Jen Evans; Vice President Tim Bangerd; Secretary Leah Fournier; and Captain John Bangerd.

Also at the banquet, Junior Fire Department President Evans made a presentation to the department of portable radio holsters for line officers.

Overall in 2008, the department responded to 1,513 fire calls and 4,184 EMS calls — an average of four fire calls per day with a man hour total of 14,137 hours. EMS calls average 11 calls per day. Emergency personnel logged 3,121 hours of training and 608 hours of fire safety education and prevention activities. Countless hours on fund raising and non-emergency activities were also logged.

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