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Friday, March 07, 2014

University of Delaware students skip spring break to volunteer in Dominican Republic

March 3, 2014

Instead of taking a "typical" spring break trip this year ten University of Delaware students will be working with underprivileged children at a local literacy and learning center in Batey Libertad, a small community in the Dominican Republic.

One of the students is my niece, Alexander Handzo, and she will be joining nine other University of Delaware students on this week-long alternative break sponsored by the UD Honors Program and University of Delaware's Alternative Breaks.

In a recent fundraising letter I received from Ms. Handzo, she said, “Our goal is to support Yspaniola, an education-focused non-profit  based in the Dominican Republic that works to increase access to high quality education  for marginalized communities  by supporting universal literacy and higher education.

“On our trip, we will visit two major cities, Santiago and Santo Domingo, and spend time living with Dominican families in Batey Libertad. In addition to working with children, we will learn about community development in Batey Libertad and have discussions about human rights issues, education, migration, and international affairs.

“We will also contribute to Yspaniola's supplies and education programs. The Batey Libertad Learning Center provides high quality educational programming for children in Batey Libertad between the ages of 5 and 14; the curriculum focuses on building reading and writing skills while encouraging critical thinking and supporting healthy emotional development.

“The Scholarship Program allows promising students from Batey Libertad to attend college in Santiago. Without the scholarship, these students would not have the opportunity to further their education, so Yspaniola's program changes their lives.

“Since last fall I've been preparing for this trip and I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to make a difference in a new environment. To make our visit as fruitful and beneficial to the community as possible, we are asking for you to make any donation you can to support our mission.”


More information about donating may be found at a fundraising website:


EVENT DATE: MAR 29, 2014

This spring break, 10 University of Delaware Honors students will be traveling to the Dominican Republic to work with Yspaniola, an education-based non-profit working towards the promotion of social justice and education in Batey Libertad. Help support us in our efforts to raise money for Yspaniola to aid their Learning Center, provide university scholarships to promising students, and work together towards social equality. The video and pictures to the left provide a glimpse of how your donations can help the Batey Libertad community.

To donate to this cause, please go to the web site:

If you would prefer to write a check, please address it to:

Yspaniola att. Jon DiMaio
158 Ridgewood Ave.
North Haven, CT 06473

Please make the check out to "Yspaniola" and include "University of Delaware" and the student, Alexander Handzo, you are supporting in the memo line.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity! We are so excited about this opportunity to make a difference in a new environment.

-UD Students traveling to Batey Libertad, 2014

For more information please go to:


Univ Delaware students skip spring break volunteer in Dominican Rep - Kevin Dayhoff's Blog Patch via @WestminstrPatch

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