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Saturday, March 07, 2015

July 03, 2004: Rift forms in Carroll's GOP central committee

Deja vu all over again - July 03, 2004: Rift forms in Carroll's GOP central committee -

If you believe that the trials and tribulations that have befallen the process of filling a vacancy are an anomaly – think again. I am old enough to remember the challenges that took place in July 2004 when “A rift … developed in the Carroll County Republican Central Committee, as it prepare[d] to select a replacement for outgoing Del. Carmen Amedori, R-District 5A.,” according to July 3, 2004 article in the Carroll County Times by one the better political writers that the Times had in years, Justin Palk.

Not to be overlooked were the problems in 1967…

Back in February 2015, I looked for this article on the Carroll County Times website and could not find it. If I had found it I would use the ‘AP rule’ and only post no more than 75 words and then provide the reader with a link… If someone over at the Times can provide me with a link to this article in archives; that would be great.

Pasted below, in part, is one of a number of articles in my archives file about the problems making an appointment to fill the seat vacated by Del. Carmen Amedori when she was picked by the administration of Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich to fill a slot on the Md. parole commission.

Rift forms in Carroll's GOP central committee By Justin Palk, Times Staff Writer Saturday, July 03, 2004

A rift has developed in the Carroll County Republican Central Committee, as it prepares to select a replacement for outgoing Del. Carmen Amedori, R-District 5A.

Thursday, Michelle Jefferson, the committee's chairwoman, sent an e-mail message to Joe Burns Jr., a committee member. It reads, in part, "since you've reniged [sic] on your word and have refused to resign, I am obligated to inform you of the rescheduled regular meeting for Tuesday, July 6 at 7:30."

Jefferson confirmed she composed the message. Carroll's central committee received a directive from John Kane, the state Republican Party chairman, asking the body not to meet until it had received Burns' resignation, which the party was working to secure, she said. This week, the party rescinded its order, Jefferson said.


Deborah Martinez, spokeswoman for the Maryland State Republican Party, said she could neither confirm nor deny that the state party had issued such an order. She did confirm the state party is aware of a problem with Carroll County's central committee.

The committee is meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the process for replacing Amedori, Jefferson said. Thursday, Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. appointed the delegate to the Maryland Parole Commission, creating a vacancy in the county's legislative delegation.

Jefferson and Burns have had difficult relations in the past. On April 28 of this year, Burns pressed second-degree assault charges against the committee chairwoman, according to charging documents filed with the Carroll County District Court. In the documents, Burns accused Jefferson of grabbing his right index finger and bending it backward during a heated discussion at the end of a committee meeting on April 15.

Burns dropped the charges on June 17, the day before the case went to trial, according to a letter from the Howard County State's Attorney's Office, which was assigned to the case as a special prosecutor.

Burns said he dropped the charges at the request of Kane and Joe Getty, formerly state delegate for District 5, now the governor's policy director.

Despite making multiple phone calls, the Times was unable to reach Getty for this article.


The article goes on for a while; mostly more about ‘who stuck John ya da ya da… 

Carroll County Md Republican Central Committee letter retrieved March 5, 2015

This was an updated letter sent today to all applicants for the D5 Delegate Seat:

Dear Applicant:

Wednesday you may have received an email from Matt Helminiak, Secretary for the Republican Central Committee. If so, it has several factual errors and misrepresentations. We four members of the committee are and have been committed to a fair and open process but it continues to elude us. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact the Governor’s office on your own behalf to ensure that your application for the D5 seat now receives full consideration since our committee chose not to meet and make its own recommendation to fill the vacant seat.

The legal case Matt referred to in no way prevented the Central Committee from meeting and fulfilling its duty to recommend a name or names to the Governor. We also have no way of knowing whether it was a unanimous decision at this point. The injunction in place, lifted Monday, simply prevented the committee from recommending multiple names to the Governor. We were always willing to meet to make our decision regardless of the decision of the court. As we awaited the hearing, we urged our chairman on numerous occasions to conduct the interviews and we would hold our final vote after Monday (taking just a few minutes.) We followed an identical process in filling the D4 seat. Chairman Jones refused to call that meeting and now the Governor will decide, within 15 days, who is best to represent us in the legislature.

We will not dismiss the case despite pressure from the majority. Not only is it disrespectful to the court, but it would also prevent the court from issuing a full written opinion on the Constitutional issues at stake – our real purpose.

The Governor has 15 days from today to make his appointment. Here is the contact information you need to advocate for your appointment.

Good luck and thank you for your time and effort in this process.

Kathy Fuller, Melissa Caudill, Amy Gilford and Jim Reter, Carroll County Central Committee Members


James D. Fielder, Jr., Ph.D., Secretary of Appointments
Chris Cavey, Deputy Secretary of Appointments
Jennifer Barker Jefferson, Executive Assistant
Kim L. Crispino, Special Assistant
Jeffrey P. Horsley, Special Assistant
Vacancy, Special Assistant
Fred L. Wineland Building, 5th floor
16 Francis St., Annapolis, MD 21401 - 1925
(410) 974-2611; fax: (410) 974-2456




Carroll County Md Republican Central Committee letter retrieved March 5, 2015


My story that is getting the most play may be found here - Watching Gov.-elect Larry Hogan pick a team

For some balance, find a January 15, 2015 letter to the editor in the Carroll County Times by Scott Hollenbeck here: “Frazier uniquely qualified for Senate seat,0,4211336.story

And many more here…. It is a regular lollapalooza…

Related: Robin Bartlett Frazier nominated to State Senate seat - by Carroll County Times staff writer Jacob deNobel January 10, 2015,0,151714.story

Carroll County Republican Central Committee Selects Robin Bartlett Frazier to Fill Opening District 5 Senate Seat

Del. Justin Ready, R-District 5 is the clear choice for Carroll Co. Md. Senate vacancy By Kevin E. Dayhoff January 11, 2015 By Kevin E. Dayhoff January 11, 2015

Or – food for thought; if Carroll County Delegate Susan Krebs had applied with the central committee, she would be the appropriate choice because she is the ranking senior member of the Carroll County Delegation to Annapolis. That said, the word is that she did not throw her name in the hat…

Del. Justin Ready, R-District 5 is the clear choice for the Carroll County Republican Central Committee to fill the vacancy in the Maryland State Senate left by outgoing Senator Joe Getty

Last Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015, the Carroll County Republican Central Committee chose former Carroll County commissioner Robin Frazier as its recommendation to fill the vacancy in the Maryland State Senate left by outgoing Senator Joe Getty.

Hogan wants more openness, more names in filling legislative seats - Maryland Reporter: By Len Lazarick

According to an article in Maryland Report by veteran political reporter Len Lazarick on Thursday, January 15, 2015, “In filling the three legislative vacancies he has created in building his new administration, Gov.-elect Larry Hogan said he’d like to see a more open nominating process used by the Republican central committees and more candidate names for him to fill the seats…”


It is a must-read article for anyone who has followed the controversies “In Frederick and Carroll counties, [where] the small Republican Central Committees have already named one person for each seat, creating controversy in both counties…”

Michelle Jefferson: Committee wanted to right a wrong


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