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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Snowstorm information, Thursday, March 5th, 2015

The Snow Emergency Plan for Carroll County has been in effect since 6:19 a.m., Thursday, March 5, 2015…

According to the Maryland State Police at 4:30 p.m., Thursday, March 5, 2015: Snow Emergency Plans in Effect - Allegany; Anne Arundel; Baltimore; Calvert; Caroline; Carroll; Cecil; Charles; Dorchester; Frederick; Garrett; Harford; Howard; Kent; Montgomery; Prince George’s; Queen Anne’s; Somerset; St. Mary’s; Talbot; Washington; and Worcester.

Yesterday, CNBC Morning Squawk reported that according to NBC News, “A major system is forecast to bring freezing rain to the East Coast after hitting the Rockies and northern Texas on Tuesday. A severe weather watch was issued for about 47 million Americans Wednesday as the storm threatened to dump ice and record-setting snow on Kentucky, the Ohio Valley and southern Plains. (NBC News)

Earlier today Carroll County Maryland government announced:

Snow Closure, Thursday, March 5, 2015

Carroll County Government sent this bulletin at 03/05/2015 08:41 AM EST
Due to inclement weather Carroll County Government is now closed for the day, Thursday, March 05, 2015.

The Resource Recovery Park (Northern Landfill) and County Senior Centers are also closed.

Items listed on the Agenda for the Board of County Commissioners for today will most likely be rescheduled for Tuesday, March 10th.

According to the Carroll County Maryland Health Department,

More cold weather is expected to follow the snow that we are experiencing today. Here are some links to help you and your family stay safe.

Cold weather resources and tips from the Carroll County Health Department (includes information on Cold Weather Shelter location and other winter weather resources):

Winter weather information from

Maryland Emergency Management winter weather page:


In a press release from Wednesday March 4, 2015, the Maryland Emergency Management Agency said:



REISTERSTOWN, Md. (March 4, 2015) — A wet mix of rain, sleet, and heavy snow are expected across the entire State of Maryland tonight and tomorrow. The storm is expected to begin this evening, with up to 10 inches of snow expected in the northern, central, and western regions of the State and at least three inches of snow predicted in parts of southern Maryland and the lower Eastern Shore. The National Weather Service has indicated that snow could be falling at a rate of over one inch per hour during the height of the storm Thursday.

Residents should make preparations now and are urged to stay off the roads tomorrow, especially during the rush-hour commutes.

“While the calendar says spring is just around the corner, we anticipate another blast of winter,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “I am asking that you stay inside so crews can work to clear roadways. And remember to check on relatives, friends, and neighbors. Helping your neighbors also helps our first responders.”

If you must travel, travelers may obtain the latest free traffic and weather information by calling 5-1-1 from a telephone or visiting or

Additionally, traffic, weather, and power outage alerts, as well as winter preparedness information, can be accessed on the Maryland Emergency Management Agency’s website at Mobile device users can also download the free Maryland Prepares app.

MEMA and other state agencies are preparing to assist local responders with any issues related to the storm. MEMA has coordinated conference calls with the National Weather Service, state agencies, local emergency management offices, and other partners to coordinate response efforts. "Don't be lulled into a false sense of security if snow is not falling when you wake up on Thursday," MEMA’s Executive Director Clay Stamp said. "Heavy precipitation is expected to begin mid-morning throughout the State and drivers will not want to be caught out on the road during the height of the storm."  After the snow begins, temperatures are expected to stay below freezing in much of Maryland until Saturday. This could inhibit melting and make prolonged outdoor exposure a safety concern.

In addition to staying off the roads and monitoring the weather and power outages, residents should take the following actions:

         Keep devices charged so you will have a way to follow weather forecasts and local emergency information.
         Be cautious shoveling snow or ice to avoid overexertion. Take frequent breaks and keep hydrated.
         Be especially careful when walking. Because of the many storms in the last few weeks, sidewalks may be uneven with packed snow. Icing is expected in many areas this evening.
         If you must travel, make sure to have car chargers, kitty litter, or sand for traction, and extra drinks and snacks in case you get stuck in traffic.
         Let friends or family know of your travel route and expected arrival time.
         Check on friends, neighbors, and relatives, especially the elderly or vulnerable residents who may have trouble staying warm or maneuvering on icy surfaces.
         Be informed, make a plan, and build a kit. Information on supplies that should be included in your emergency kit can be found on

Residents can view power outage updates here: You may also follow MEMA on Twitter @MDMEMA or on Facebook at

On March 4, 2015, the Maryland State Police released the following statement:

Maryland State Police Press Release
03/04/2015 13:36


(Pikesville, MD) – Maryland State Police, in coordination with, the State Highway Administration, and other local agencies prepare for the approaching snow storm.

Colonel William M. Pallozzi, Acting Superintendent of the Maryland State Police, reminds motorists to use caution due to the possibility of hazardous driving conditions that may arise from the pending snow storm. Colonel Pallozzi has also ordered barrack commanders across the state to be prepared to assess road conditions in their area and to deploy troopers as needed.

Additional troopers, not normally assigned to road patrol, along with the State Highway Administration’s Coordinated Highway Action Response Team, C.H.A.R.T., will combine their efforts to assist disabled motorists as quickly as possible.

Troopers encourage motorist to use their best judgment when driving during rush hour on Thursday morning, when the snow is predicted to be at its heaviest. When there is a high volume of traffic on the roads, traffic is at a standstill. If traffic is at a standstill, snow plows are at a standstill and the roads do not get plowed.

Drivers are reminded of road restrictions if a snow emergency plan is activated in their county. If declared, parking is prohibited on highways and roads designated as snow emergency routes. During snow storms, abandoned and disabled vehicles cause major problems for snow removal and for troopers attempting to respond to emergency incidents. Maryland State Troopers encourage those who do not have to travel during the storm to stay off the roads. If it is necessary to travel, make sure your vehicle is in good working order and properly equipped with mud and snow tires or chains. It is also smart to have an emergency roadside kit in your vehicle.

In case of power failures, motorists are reminded of Maryland’s law concerning non-functioning traffic lights. The law requires all drivers approaching an intersection with a non-functioning signal to stop. Drivers may continue only after they have yielded to any vehicles or pedestrians already in the intersection. They must remain stopped until the intersection is clear and it is safe to proceed.

The latest traffic conditions, including road closures due to snow or ice will be available on-line at  or by calling 5-1-1. Road conditions and views of the live traffic cameras are also available on the State Highway Administration website at  Citizens are urged not to call Maryland State Police barracks simply to check on road conditions. Calls to police or 9-1-1 centers during the storm should be for emergency situations only.

Commercial vehicles are invited to wait out the storm at one of the Maryland State Police scale house parking lots that will be available overnight. Motorists are reminded if they abandon their vehicles on the interstate or on state roads, their vehicle will be towed. These vehicles need to be removed so they will not inhibit snow removal efforts.



Be sure to clear the snow from the fire hydrants.

Kevin E. Dayhoff, Westminster Fire Department Chaplain, February 22, 2015

During and after a snow storm, make sure that all the fire hydrants in your neighborhood are clear of snow.

Helping to keep the snow cleared from fire hydrants is a responsibility that we have to each other and our community. If your house, or your neighbor’s house is on fire; the last we want is for firefighters to spend precious time finding and clearing the nearby hydrant in order to hook-up the fire hoses.

According to multiple sources and fire companies that have posted similar messages:

… A clearly visible, accessible fire hydrant could save your home – or even your life. If a fire hydrant is lost or buried in snow, firefighters can lose valuable time trying to locate it when they first arrive at a fire. You can perform a valuable public service and protect yourself, your family and your neighbors by taking the responsibility for shoveling out and clearing any fire hydrants near your home during and after a snowstorm. With more snow sure to be on the way, we’d like to offer these suggestions:

Know the location of all fire hydrants in your neighborhood.

Make sure they are shoveled clear after each snowfall.

Clear away any snow and ice in the area surrounding these fire hydrants.

Clear the snow three feet all around the hydrant so firefighters have enough room to connect a hose.

We would also like to remind you to look out for your elderly or handicap neighbors as well, by taking a few extra minutes to shovel out their hydrants.

Please take some time now to save precious minutes in case of a fire. A few scoops of snow today could make all the difference later.

And please remember not to over-exert yourself while shoveling snow. Excessive strain from the cold and hard labor may cause heart attacks.

Please help out elderly or vulnerable neighbors.

Be safe out there and say a prayer for our emergency responders, police, firefighters, EMS personnel and the various local municipal, county, and state, street and roads departments that are out there in this mess trying to keep the roads open and safe.

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