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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

20051201 Artist's Statement

Kevin Dayhoff

20030810 / 20040421 / 20051200 / 20060812 / 20061122

Updated November 22nd, 2006

Kevin, age 53, is a Westminster native. Kevin has been a self-employed artist and businessman since 1974 and exhibiting art since 1981.

As a landscape, collage, mixed media assemblage, sculpture artist, writer and photographer; he has had a life-long pervasive interest in spatial relationships and the juxtapositioning of incongruent objects.

As a child, instead of playing sports outside or watching TV, Kevin could usually be found at the kitchen table reading, drawing and redesigning rooms of the house or the landscape.

His Mother would often give him assignments to draw. His artist mother would take ingredients of totally disparate, incongruous qualities and create finished projects in the form of cakes and breads that, to a small child, had no resemblance or relationship to its ingredients whatsoever.

His Father, who was also an artist, did the same thing with woodworking as he always spent every stolen moment possible creating art projects made of wood and practical projects such as furniture.

Kevin was, and remains to this day, in total awe of his parents and their art. Wanting to be as artistic as his Mom and Dad - he wanted to do projects like this too.

As he grew older, Kevin quickly put aside his drawings and collages and concentrated increasingly on writing and landscape designing where he could turn his art into a finished product that the greater community could more easily understand, and for which he was paid.

In 1974, Kevin started his own business as a landscape designer, contractor and nurseryman. As the business continued to get established, he found that he could spend more time on his first loves – art and writing.

In 1981 Kevin had his first art show at the Theatre Project in Baltimore.

Kevin owned and operated a business for himself as a landscape designer, horticulturist and nurseryperson from 1974 to 1999.

He quickly found that after spending hours doing an art project – he ended up with a storage problem – but if he spent the same amount of time drawing a landscape design, folks would pay him for the effort.

In recent years, he has enjoyed exploring and utilizing technology - digital photography, the scanner and the computer – as a creative process.
Kevin and his wife are members of the Carroll County Arts Council, where Kevin has had a number of art shows over the past two decades.

Kevin E. Dayhoff, P. O. Box 1245, Westminster, MD 21158-1245
20030810 / 20040421 / 20051200 / 20060812 / 20061122

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