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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

20070112 Some wisdom about the silliest debate in journalism

Some Wisdom About the Silliest Debate in Journalism

From Tapscott's Copy Desk

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January 4, 11:26 AM - - January 12th, 2007

I was looking for this post when I posted “20070110 Tapscott and Surber have moved their blogs to newspapers.”

Mark Tapscott was kind enough to e-mail a link to me earlier this morning. Thank you.

I could not agree more with what Mr. Tapscott has to say about the issue of traditional “newsprint” journalism versus internet journalism – “Blogging.”

Actually I feel it is an artificial construct developed by some folks in the blogging community in order to make themselves feel more relevant or some folks in the traditional newsprint world who feel threatened.

Most traditional newsprint reporters have been wonderful – if not fun, with whom to work.

Then again, I have run across some stiff opposition and absolute obstructionism on the part of some folks, who shall go unnamed.

And for the most part, not from the newspaper industry – (read: usually liberals who hide behind their political ideology as a fragile identity.)

Although a certain Baltimore Sun reporter or two (not all of them, to be sure – some have been great…) has had a lot of attitude; but I have not been able to distinguish if this “attitude” is not as much because I am a blogger or if it is not just a manifestation of their elitist attitude in general towards the general public, former and current elected or appointed officials or anyone and everyone in the journalism world who is not so privileged to work for the Baltimore Sun.

And the Associated Press. My gosh, what is their problem? In the fortunate instance or two when I either broke a story or was in the lead, AP went out of their way to not mention me. Not so with the Gazette…

Thanks to the wonderful folks – and a great editor - who carry one of my columns, Patuxent Publishing, I am, perhaps, the first blogger to be credentialed by Maryland State government to cover the Maryland General Assembly.

The press pool in Annapolis has been great. Certain liberal legislators have gone out of their way to either ignore me ob disparaging. Heckfire - whatever.

So like I’ve said, with the exception of some isolated incidents with individuals with a general “attitude problem,” I have had very little problem with organizations, other reporters or elected or appointed officials to respond or cooperate on articles for the blog.

A few individuals have gone out of their way to be accommodating. To mention several off the top of my head; Carroll County Commissioner Dean L. Minnich and Republican Minority Whip Allen Kittleman are in the top ten easily. To mention others would be a disservice to the many that have gone beyond the call of duty to get me information and be responsive.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tapscott wrote:

Bloggers and mainstream journalists are polar opposites, right? No love lost between them. One represents the future, the other the past. The traditional reporters do all the work, then the bloggers come along and tear it apart.

And so goes the argument.

Regardless which side of this one you happen to line up on, I am literally on both sides, being a mainstream journalist by career and a blogger by choice. I know a little bit about the strengths and weaknesses of both, and there are many on each side.

The fact is, however, that mainstreamers and bloggers (as well as other online journalists) ought to be cooperating rather than conflicting. If they sought out mutual strengths instead of emphasizing what each sees as the other's weaknesses, together they could do some incredible journalism.

That's been my view for a long time…

Read the rest of his post here. He goes into some greater depth and refers to another article which was apparently part of the etiology of his post…

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20070112 Some wisdom about the silliest debate in journalism

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