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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

NYPD News: Two NYPD Police Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty Two NYPD Police Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty

Remarks made by Police Commissioner William J. Bratton:

Police Officer Wenjian Liu 
Police Officer Rafael Ramos 

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NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: The police unions have been ticked off by the support de Blasio has shown the legions protesting a Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict a cop in Eric Garner’s July 17 chokehold death.


Remarks made by Police Commissioner William J. Bratton:

Good evening, 

The Mayor and I have just come from visiting with the families of our two murdered police officers. It's a time of great emotion and great passion. And so, please bear with us as we try to bring some sense to the madness that occurred this afternoon on the streets of Brooklyn.

It's sometime difficult to find the words to speak to events like those that occurred today, to try and make sense of them. But, we'll try.

Today, two of New York's Finest were shot and killed, with no warning, no provocation. They were, quite simply, assassinated - targeted for their uniform, and for the responsibility they embraced: to keep the people of this city safe.

At approximately 2:47 PM today, Police Officer Wenjian Liu and Police Officer Rafael Ramos were assigned to a Critical Response Vehicle, CRVs as we refer to them, in the confines of the 79 Precinct.

While CRV is traditionally used for counterterrorism operations, this past May we also assigned some vehicles to Housing Developments throughout the city, Developments that has seen an increase in violence in the early part of the year, like the Tompkins Houses where the officers were stationed.

While sitting in a marked NYPD police car, in full uniform, both were ambushed and murdered in front of 98 Tompkins Avenue in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York City.

Both officers are assigned to 84 Precinct, but were posted at this location as part of a Department crime reduction strategy to address the complaints of violence in the area of the Housing Developments in that area.

Officer Ramos was in the driver seat, and Officer Liu was in the front passenger seat beside him.

According to witness statements, the suspect, who has been identified as 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley, walked up to the police car. He took a shooting stance on the passenger side and fired his weapon several times through the front passenger window striking both officers in the head. 

Officer Liu and Officer Ramos never had the opportunity to draw their weapons. They may never have actually seen their assailant, their murderer.

Other officers, who were also assigned to the CRV post, immediately pursued Brinsley southbound on Tompkins Avenue.

Brinsley then turned westbound on Myrtle Avenue and fled into the Myrtle Avenue and Willoughby Street (G) train subway station.

He proceeded down the stairs onto the westbound subway platform.  While on the platform, Brinsley shot himself in the head, took his own life.  A silver semi-automatic Taurus firearm was recovered on the subway platform near the suspect's body.

The silver semi-automatic Taurus firearm recovered on the subway platform near the suspect's body.
Officers Liu and Ramos were transported here, to Woodhull Hospital. Despite every effort to save their lives, both officers tragically succumbed to their injuries.

On behalf of the New York City Police Department, I extend my deepest condolences to the Liu and Ramos families, and their families within the NYPD.

Both officers paid the ultimate sacrifice today while protecting the communities they serve.   

The suspect was transported to Brooklyn Hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

We are currently continuing to investigate this incident.

I want to thank, at this time, Doctor Raju and his trauma staff for their valiant efforts to resuscitate our officers.

Some background information relative to the events leading up to the murder of our two officers today:

At approximately 5:45 this morning in Baltimore County Maryland, a female, believed to be Brinsley's former girlfriend, was shot and seriously wounded by Brinsley at her residence.

Baltimore County Detectives later received information from the victim's mother that Brinsley was posting on the victim's Instagram account.

Further information was developed indicating that Brinsley may have had associations with the East Flatbush area of Brooklyn.

At approximately 2:45 in the afternoon, Baltimore authorities sent a fax, a wanted flyer, to the NYPD and other agencies.

Tragically, this was essentially at the same time as our officers were being ambushed and murdered by Brinsley.

Tragically too, this is not the first time this Department has seen such violence.

Seven times since 1972 we have seen partners murdered together, often in incidents such as this, mindless assassinations without warning.

Officers know this from the memorial walls in our precincts and Headquarters and from the stories they hand down.

Nevertheless, they do what we expect of them. They grieve, they mourn, but then the go out on the streets of this city and work to keep it safe, every day and every night. We have never and never will forget that mission. We will never forget the two young men who lost their lives today.

Officer Ramos was 40-years-old and a two year veteran of the NYPD. He was married and has a 13-year-old son.

Officer Liu was 32-years-old and a seven year veteran of the NYPD. He was recently married.

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