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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Monday, August 05, 2013

Stars and Stripes Daily Headlines for August 3, 2013

Stars and Stripes Daily Headlines for August 3, 2013

[img]Mean streets: Hawkers targeted by Kabul authorities
For years, Safiullah fought Soviet forces with the Mujahedeen, eventually stepping on a land mine and losing his right leg. These days, his battles are with a bureaucracy that is threatening his meager watch-repair business one broken glass case at a time. 

[img]Dozens feared dead in Afghan flooding
With a jet engine roar, a wall of water came crashing down the mountains without warning Saturday morning, sweeping away entire homes and devastating families in this district capital just east of Kabul, local officials said. 

[img]F-16C collision: 'Extremely fortunate to have lost only metal'
The automatic distress signal came in to the Coast Guard about 10:30 p.m. Thursday: A D.C. Air National Guard pilot had ejected from a fighter jet some 35 miles off Chincoteague Island in Virginia. 

[img]Soldier's war zone murder conviction could ripple through ranks
As the family of Army 1st Lt. Clint Lorance reeled Friday over his convictions for the deaths of two Afghan nationals, observers said it's rare to see military officers prosecuted for combat-zone killings. 

[img]Dog tags of soldier killed in WWII returned to sister nearly 70 years later
Constance Cowan was telling the story of her brother to Steve and Marcia Kwiecinski. Through a series of incredible twists and turns, the Kwiecinskis were led to Cowan after a dog tag belonging to Jimmy surfaced half a world away. 

[img]Injured Afghan girl finds a second home in U.S.
The explosion killed two of Farida's brothers and a sister, and wounded her mother. The vision in Farida's left eye is forever gone, but a new world has opened for her here in the lush Carolina Piedmont, where she has had several eye surgeries and has fallen in love with a second family. 

[img]Prosecutor painted grisly picture of convicted murderer Marcus Bailey
So who is Marcus Bailey, the ex-Army combat vet who was convicted Wednesday of killing Almanita Smith and dumping her decomposed body on her front lawn while her friends and family worried where she was? 

[img]Storage sites say Fort Drum Storage fiasco with soldiers' cars makes them all look bad
Soldiers — some of them still serving in Afghanistan and other countries overseas — are confused about what is going on and want to know the whereabouts of their vehicles. 

[img]Afghanistan bomb hunters learning to shed risky habits
A team of Afghan engineers are slowly learning the bomb-hunting trade in the fertile farmlands and towering mountains of northern Afghanistan. Afghan soldiers have taken over most road-clearance duties from U.S. forces; they are now finding - or getting hit by - the roadside bombs planted here. 

[img]Military kids enjoy R&R at Colorado camp
The camp is a paradise for the hundreds of kids who spend part of their summer there each year. This week, it was an special treat for 190 military children, many of whom lead lives complicated by frequent moves, deployments and the aftermath of war. 

[img]Nearly 70 years later, WWII airman finally home 
The men never met Sgt. Dominick J. Licari, a World War II aerial gunner whose remains were found recently in New Guinea, 69 years after his plane was shot down. But on Friday, they welcomed him as one of their own. 

[img]Military hospitals shrinking services to meet spending cuts
Patients at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and other premier military hospitals are being sent to private doctors and having surgery and other treatment delayed because of furloughs to medical personnel, according to interviews and internal documents. 



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