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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Kevin Dayhoff, Westminster Common Council Candidate 2019

Kevin E. Dayhoff Candidate for the Westminster Common Council – May 14th, 2019

Community Media Center Candidate Profile - 12:30 pm Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Community Media Center located at 1301 Washington Road, Westminster MD.


Hi, I am Kevin Dayhoff and I am running for one of the three open Westminster city council seats available in the upcoming May 14th city election.

I previously served as the Westminster mayor from 2001-2005. And a council member from 1999-2001. Folks tell me that I did a good job.

I am a retired farmer, business owner, historian, fire and police chaplain, artist, and writer. I would like to roll up my sleeves, work hard, and put all those experiences to work and do it again.

I would like to take another turn working for the community in City Hall. I know the community, its citizens, its history, and traditions – and have a keen eye for some future changes. I offer experience, energy, accessibility, vision, a fresh perspective, new ideas, and fiscally prudent and socially responsible leadership.

I am convinced I can make a contribution and make a difference.

The opportunity to serve as an elected or appointed official in a community like Westminster is a special privilege and responsibility. There are many ways that a person can serve our community. You can volunteer with service clubs, civic and non-profit organizations, recreational programs, or help out at your place of worship.

Historically, since the early days of our city, various folks in the community have taken turns on the city council. This has been the case ever since the days when folks served as a trustee for the Union Meeting House – the seat of government years before Westminster was incorporated in 1818.

In the past 14-years since I left office in 2005, I have remained active and served the community in other ways – primarily with my job as a newspaper reporter writing history. I have also volunteered at my church, the NAACP, and the Westminster Fire Company. It was good to take a break and let other folks have a turn.

Our current leadership has done a good job. I would like to build upon all their hard work and successes. However, at the same time, I'm concerned that in some ways, the city lost a little of its focus and needs to get back to basics. Especially when it comes to supporting public safety – the fire company, the police department, and public works.

I look forward to supporting our historic downtown shopping and business district by working to continue to attract special events, businesses, shopping and local jobs.

I believe that we need to maintain a continued emphasis on municipal and business infrastructure improvements –such as developing more water resources and maintaining our roads, sidewalks, trails – and recreational opportunities.

A number of folks in the community have approached me and asked if I would like to take another turn. After some thought and discussion with various friends who are city, county and state officials, I am convinced that by working together, we can move Westminster and Carroll County to another level – and take the community to that next step.

I remain positive and optimistic that we can seize a number of opportunities that are available at this point in the city’s history, shake some things up, give it a fresh coat of paint, and makes some things happen.

Please consider voting for me on May 14th. I promise to work hard for you. 

Kevin Dayhoff for Westminster Common Council
Westminster Municipal election May 14, 2019
Authority Caroline Babylon, Treasurer.

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