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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Monday, March 19, 2012

GOP still headed for a cliff and other stories of the coming Zombie Apocalypse by Kevin Dayhoff

GOP still headed for a cliff and other stories of the coming Zombie Apocalypse by Kevin Dayhoff

I'm still hearing from folks, literally, from all over the world about, "The kerfuffle was no fluke." It must have struck a nerve.

So far in the presidential election of 2012 the only debate among historians is just which national election in history has the opposition party collectively conducted a more inept campaign to unseat a sitting president?

One of the places i wanted to go when I wrote "The kerfuffle was no fluke," was the 1860 presidential election. Fortunately, on March 16, 2012, TheTentacle writer, Roy Meachum picked-up that portion of the story: “Inevitable GOP Tuesday,” “As Tuesday pointed out, Republicans seem headed for the fate that led to Abraham Lincoln’s election, establishing the party on the American political scene.
In 1860, Democrats ruled the land. Nomination on their ticket was tantamount to a key to the White House. The great favorite was Stephen Douglas, who had defeated Mr. Lincoln for the U.S. Senate two years before. At their convention in Charleston, South Carolina, they went through 55 ballots before adjourning to Baltimore. Mr. Douglas was the winner of a divided party. The pro-slavery Democrats chose Vice President John Breckenridge, of Kentucky…”


The idea that the Republican Party is on a great march, en masse, off a cliff, is starting to be discussed in a hushed tone of voice that is only growing louder as November approaches.

Apparently I am not the only political observer to ponder such matters. Nor I am the only person to have the temerity to actually put it in print. Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza wrote at length last Monday, “2012: The Republican party’s Gotham election.”


“That idea — that the only way to truly rebuild something is for it first bottom out — is one that some within the Republican party have begun to toy with privately as the divisions between its tea party wing and the more establishment/moderate side of the party become more and more apparent.”

Although Mr. Cillizza illustrated it better; every time you hear a Republican say that they will not support a ‘R.I.N.O.’ candidate, please understand that paradoxically you are hearing the voice of a foot soldier for the Democrats in the costume of a Republican. I mean, let me get this straight, you would really rather endure another four more years of President Obama than support a moderate candidate for office.

I would not give a rat’s behind if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton changed parties and won the Republican nomination, the only criteria for the Republican nominee for the presidential election of November 2012 is that he or she have a chance at beating President Obama at the polls.

For pity sake, forget about all the hand wringing and Exorcist-gyrations about how the liberal media is in the tank for President Obama. We get it. Now get over it because there is not a darn thing you are going to do about it - - except message control and party discipline.

And speaking of that, please do not waste anyone’s time over whether or not the media treatment of Mr. Limbaugh utterly stupid attack on Ms. Fluke was fair or unfair.

Of course it is not fair to suggest that Mr. Limbaugh speaks for rank and file Republicans any more than it is fair to suggest that the crude and vulgar attacks on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by Bill Maher are representative of the run of the mill Democrats.


The only thing I regret about the piece is that I did not emphasize enough that the entire kerfuffle had nothing to do with the Democrat Party – President Barack Obama talking point, the "war on women." This issue, as Ron Miller said better than me, “is manufactured out of whole cloth by a Leftist messaging apparatus that is breathtaking in its coordination, its scope, and its chutzpah."

This more about the war for the women’s vote…

Nevertheless, I’ve written it before and I will repeat it now: at this point, President Barack Obama could kill a puppy on national TV and still win the election this coming November…

I stand in good company with columnist George Will and especially Peggy Noonan who recently observed, “… the Republican nominee will emerge so bloodied his victory will hardly be worth having; the Republicans are delving into areas so extreme and so off point that by the end Mr. Obama will look like the moderate.”

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