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Journalist @baltimoresun writer artist runner #amwriting Chaplain PIO #partylikeajournalist
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Saturday, March 10, 2012 This week in Florida Keys news Saturday, March 10, 2012

  • An investigation into whether former Monroe County Technical Services Administrator Lisa Druckemiller stole and re-sold roughly $6,000 worth of county Apple iPads and iPhones to co-workers and family members is about to hit full stride.
  • Florida Keys Community College's presidential search committee on Friday identified nine semi-finalists to replace President Larry Tyree, whose contract expires on June 30.

    The 11-member panel, meeting on the college's Stock Island campus, whittled down a list of 19 candidates to the nine semi-finalists. There was an initial pool of 43 applicants when the March 1 deadline to apply hit.
  • Have a pet python or an iguana that's outgrown its cage or some other exotic animal you no longer want or can handle?
  • This past Sunday afternoon we experienced the passing of a powerful front that reminded us all that March is here, bringing with it strong winds and cooler temperatures into the Florida Keys.
  • Well, folks, March is roaring in like an angry lion. And until the wind velocity subsides toward the weekend, I do not recommend going out on your own. Certainly not on the Atlantic side. Nothing puts a damper on a day of fishing like having to call the U.S. Coast Guard for assistance.
  • Chris Maroney of Stuart caught a tournament record of 118 inches of redfish and snook to win the Backcountry Fly Championship that ended Feb. 26.
  • Question: We have a bookkeeper that comes in once a month and prepares an income statement. For the past several months, my husband and I are sure the statements are wrong. They keep showing we are making a nice profit, yet we never seem to have enough cash to pay off all the bills. We even have to struggle to make payroll.
  • For a listing of home and condo sales in the Florida Keys for the period Jan. Feb. 25 through March 3, click here:
  • The culinary rumor mill went into high gear last September when the sign in front of Chanticleer Restaurant in Islamorada was hand-painted, "Gone Fishin'." Owner chef Jean-Charles Berruet had, indeed, retired to enjoy his other passion, fishing, and turned the space over to local chef Michael Ledwith.


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